COVID-19: Acquire is still open supporting businesses where we can. See our latest updates for your area and be safe out there.
Stay up to date with COVID-19 IT supply
IT Supply to New Zealand business at Covid-19 Level 4

The Acquire team are all working from home and available to respond to your phone and email enquiries. We are operational and shipping orders in accordance with COVID-19 Alert Level 4 and the necessary supply to essential businesses. Click below for more details.

Home Office Ergonomic Tips by HP
Home Office Ergonomic Tips by HP

Most home offices are littered with ergonomics errors, which can impair productivity and health, and cost you money. Here’s how to set up work environments that won’t sacrifice comfort, efficiency or health.

Protecting against coronavirus themed phishing attacks

The world has changed in unprecedented ways in the last several weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic. While it has brought out the best in humanity in many ways, as with any crisis it can also attract the worst in some. Click below to find out more about how you can protect yourself and your staff from these new threats.

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